10 Chrome Extensions That Will Make You Faster (and Better)

Mitchell CuevasPosted by

At ScreenChecker, we’re always looking to get faster without sacrificing quality. With these Chrome extensions, we think you’ll not only be able do things faster, but better too. Let’s jump right in!

  1. Tab Snooze – Throughout the course of a normal day, it’s easy to accumulate too many browser tabs. Before long, you’re trying to switch back and forth between a few key pages, but they’re buried with all the other tabs.  Let the tabs you don’t need at the moment rest out of site with Tab Snooze. It’s easy to ‘snooze’ a tab for later, it’ll pop right back into your browser at whatever day and time you told it to. The menu has quick options like ‘snooze for a week’ or ‘2 hours’ to make it even easier.
  2. Page Analytics by Google – When you’re looking for statistics on a particular page, it can be a pain to dig up in Google Analytics. First you have to open it, browse to the right date window and report view….when all you wanted was a quick look at one page. Well, with the Chrome extension, you can view stats on a page by simply browsing to it. Nifty right?

  3. Revue – Do you create a newsletter? If so, you should take a serious look at Revue. The tool is built from the ground up to make creating and curating content for a newsletter extremely fast (and enjoyable). Their Chrome extension lets you easily clip content for your newsletter, no matter where you are. Their other tools will let you connect an RSS feed, link your social networks, and even build automations into your flow with their Zapier integration. See Revue in action on my #martech digest!
  4. Auto Text Expander – Type something often? Always sharing a certain link? Store it in Text Expander and a then a simple shortcut will automatically insert that phrase/link/word/email address/etc. into wherever you’re typing. Like my calendar link – https://calendly.com/mitchellcuevas/ or the ScreenChecker homepage – https://screenchecker.com/ :).
  5. Lightshot – Sharing screenshots with remote coworkers is a must these days, do it better with Lightshot. The killer feature for me is the one-click upload where I’m simultaneously provided back a link to the image for easy sharing.
  6. The Great Suspender – You might have noticed that having a lot of tabs open slows down your computer. If your computer slows down, you do too. Keep Chrome running its fastest by managing your tabs throughout the day (Tab Snooze above is a great option for starters). The Great Suspender pairs nicely with Tab Snooze to ‘pause’ your tabs when you’ve let them sit too long, without you having to do anything. This helps out your computers performance and keeps you zipping through pages.
  7. Assistant.to – If you don’t want to use a calendar tool like Calendly, check out Assistant.to, it works inside Gmail (and now, Outlook) to offer your recipients a few times they can pick from. It integrates with Google Calendar and lets you easily select times your open. It then puts those times right into the email itself, your recipient need only click the time they want.
  8. Twitcher – have multiple Twitter accounts? Use Twitcher. Even if you have a manager like Buffer or Hootsuite, there are still those times you need to actually login to Twitter. For those times, Twitcher is a life-saver. Easily toggle from one to the other, by picking the account right from under your profile link right on Twitter itself.

  9. Google Docs Quick Create – If you use Google Docs, this is a no-brainer. Quickly create whatever type of doc you need without having to browse to Drive first. One-click and you’re typing!
  10. Check My Links – Need to verify that all the links on a page or a post you just published are valid? Don’t spend your time clicking on each one, use this extension to automatically verify each link for you!

Look for the ScreenChecker Chrome Extension in the not too distant future and in the meantime, get on the list for the beta!