Reduce Anxiety, Increase Conversion

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Did you know that decreasing anxiety can increase your conversion rates?

Anxiety, as it relates to your website, and defined by CrazyEgg:

Anxiety is any psychological discomfort that a user experiences when they are visiting a website at any stage of the buy cycle. Anxiety results in no conversion action taken.

There are all sorts of methods to reduce anxiety in the minds of your website visitors and make them comfortable enough to convert. What do lists from Copyblogger, CrazyEgg, and others have in common?

Start by increasing credibility.

We highly recommend you check out the links above and assess your website for opportunities to reduce anxiety, but we’ve got a recommendation of our own before you go:

Don’t let your website break!

Alert services like Pingdom will help you keep your site online, Statsbot helps you keep in close touch with important website metrics in real-time, and you can even watch your users in almost real-time with FullStory.

But something is missing…how do you know if your website looks exactly like it should? (Without checking alllllll those pages everyday!?)

With ScreenChecker, you can not only reduce anxiety for your users (by never showing them a broken site and therefore losing credibility from the start), but for yourself as well. In 5 minutes, you can start monitoring your site and never be surprised by a visual change or break on your site. We’ll also help you get it back to normal if you need help!

If your site uses plugins, is built on a third-party service like Squarespace or Wix, leverages an API or other data source, or just has more than one person with access to it – you could find yourself with surprises that other services don’t see.

Rest easy and let your users rest easy with a ScreenChecker trial today.

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